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Following the retirement of long-time Editor, Dr. Brian Cuthbertson, and the appointment of a new Editor, Copy Editor, and Editorial Committee, publication of the next two Journals of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society will be delayed until March 2018 (volume 20 for year 2016-17) and October 2018 (volume 21 for year 2017-18). The usual publication schedule will resume with volume 22 in September 2019. All members who have paid dues for 2016-17 will receive a copy of volume 20 in March/April 2018.

Editorial board

Editor:  Anne Marie Lane Jonah, editor@rnshs.ca

Genealogy Editor:  Kenneth Paulsen, genealogyeditor@rnshs.ca

Book Review Editor:  Karen Smith, bookrevieweditor@rnshs.ca

Copy Editor:  Erica Gagnon, info@rnshs.ca

Vice-President Publications:  Arthur Smith, info@rnshs.ca

Advisory board

Blake BrownJohn Grant
Stephen HendersonJohn Johnston
James MorrisonJohn Reid
David SutherlandShirley Tillotson
Deborah TraskJay White

In 1998, the Society began publication of the Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, a successor to both the Collections and the Nova Scotia Historical Review. It is published once a year, and Society members each receive a copy of the Journal as well as notification of the Society's yearly lecture series and general meetings.

The journal has recently been made available online through ProQuest.

An index to the Collections and Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society was prepared with the assistance and support of the PATHs program of Canada's National History Society. They generously provided the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society with two grants which underwrote the preparation of an index that included all of the materials the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society has published since its inception in 1878. Click here to download full index pdf.

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Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society, Vol. 20, 2017



Mi’kmaw Politicism and the Origins of the Micmac Community Development Program, 1899–1957

Martha Walls

“after planting their few potatoes they wander about the Island”:
   The Mi’kmaq and British Agricultural Policies in Nineteenth-Century Nova Scotia

Courtney Mrazek

The Canadian Federal Government and the Politics of Disaster
Relief during Nova Scotia’s Great War

Barry Cahill

The Private Life of Jessie MacCallum, Diarist of Windsor & St. George, 1901–1910

Julian Gwyn

Research Notes

“Race prejudice unfortunately dies hard”:
    the 1929 proposal to return racial segregation to Halifax’s public schools

David Sutherland, with assistance from Judith Fingard and David States

Note: a data file listing the 332 petitioners, along with identifying detail, may be accessed via this link: https://rnshs.ca/extracontent.
Access credentials required to open the file are printed in Vol. 20 of the Journal.

William Shires of Chester, Nova Scotia and London, England:
    the Nova Scotian roots of an early 19th century astronomer, instrument-designer and mathematician

David Bryden


Policy Regarding Genealogical Articles

Kenneth S. Paulsen

The Taint of Witchcraft, from Salem Massachusetts to Yarmouth Nova Scotia

Deborah Trask and Gwen G. Trask

Book Reviews

Jeffers Lennox: Homelands and Empires: Indigenous Spaces, Imperial Fictions, and
Competition for Territory in Northeastern North America, 1690–1763.

  Reviewed by Christopher Bilodeau

Sheila Johnson Kindred: Jane Austen’s Transatlantic Sister: The Life and Letters of
Fanny Palmer Austen

  Reviewed by Alison Shea

Ruth Holmes Whitehead: Black Loyalists: Southern Settlers of Nova Scotia’s First Free
Black Communities

  Reviewed by John Grant

Peter Ludlow: The Canny Scot: Archbishop James Morrison of Antigonish
  Reviewed by Robert Nicholas Bérard